Our Services

From the initial stages of site surveying right up to the maintenance of your power plant, at Suntech Energy we develop entire systems based on your needs. Whether you have a sizeable roof area of a building or a huge tract of land that you want to convert into a solar farm, we have the right model for your business, all to help you save on energy costs and even generate a steady income.

Project Planning & Management

A project’s success requires meticulous planning, management, coordination and most of all effective oversight from an experienced team to ensure a smooth delivery.
Suntech Energy’s years of proven track record in numerous projects from preliminary studies right up to grid connection ensures that projects are executed within costs and timelines.

Financial Modeling & Project Funding

We help clients with financial forecasts and develop comprehensive models for solar projects. Suntech Energy’s strong relationship and excellent working rapport with financial institutions and regulatory bodies make funding and dealings with local authorities direct and transparent.

Feasibility Study & Due Diligence

This important first step is a must to ensure that solar projects are technically and financially sound. Leveraging on our experience, sophisticated infrastructure and data analysis, we study, identify and plan for the best possible scenario for our clients. Our independent due diligence provide reliable insights for entire lifecycle of projects.

System & Design Engineering

Suntech Energy is a one-stop shop and a trusted partner in designing the most efficient solar system. We customise systems with intelligent engineering to achieve maximum output. Our approach is holistic and we work with the client’s M&E to mitigate risks and save cost.

Construction Management & Supervision

Our deep knowledge and vast experience guarantee that the construction, management, and supervision of every milestone of your solar project is well coordinated, executed and delivered on time.

Suntech Energy’s excellent relationship with equipment manufacturers and subcontractors is an added value to assist in a smooth project construction. We uphold strict bidding processes and help clients select contractors and assist in negotiating contract terms.

Testing & Commissioning

Suntech Energy provides a full evaluation report at the end of commissioning evaluation for easy review. This process is crucial to ensure that our client’s return on investment is on track and can be realised. To maintain objectivity of evaluation, a third party will inspect and test newly installed system’s integrity, effectiveness and performance.

Data Collection & Monitoring

Suntech Energy provides cost-effective monitoring systems using proven technologies and software designed in a graphical programming language with Real-Time Data Logger.
From weather and temperature to irradiation and total energy produced, our monitoring system collects these data to provide daily report generations, power generation and usage, collections for utility companies and technical reports just to name a few. We monitor the most important aspects of every solar project to constantly provide feedback to better understand each project’s needs.

Operations & Maintenance

Even the best solar system will not run at its optimal best if it’s not well maintained. Extreme weather conditions, technical failures and overgrowth of vegetation are just some of the many factors that prevent systems revenue generation. Suntech Energy’s experienced personnel are trained and equipped with the knowledge to handle proper inspections. We also provide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) monitoring to ensure status and output of the projects power system deliveries to the utility grid.

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